Photo credit: Barbara Spanton (Source Twitter)

For anyone that has met me they will testify to the fact that I love to speak. My favourite topics are Strategic Design, Human-centered design which is really lucky for me, as it’s what I do, every single day and love it…

Previous presentations 

  • ‘Superteams: Service Design Research  in Government’ – Social Innovators in Sydney, Sydney 2017
  • ‘Digital Transformation’ – Aquent, Put it to the Panel, Sydney 2017
  • ‘The Art of Story-telling’ – Product Tank, Sydney 2017
  • ‘Designing for Vulnerable Children (20-minute)’ – UX Australia 2017
  • ‘How service design and product management can co-exist’ – Product Camp Dublin 2017
  • ‘Designing for Vulnerable Children (60-minute)’ – Edinburgh, UX Scotland 2017
  • ‘The importance of Design Mentorship’ – iXDA, Sydney 2016
  • ‘How service design and product management can co-exist’ – Product Talks 2016
  • (Internal Company Design Conference – 2016
  • General Assembly (UX Guest Speaker) – 2015
  • XXUX Meetup Sydney (Panelist) – ‘The Importance of Soft Skills in Design’ – 2015
  • Vivid Sydney – ‘A career in Design’ – Sydney, July 2015
  • UX Australia – ‘Component Libraries’ – 2014
  • General Assembly – Design Fundamentals (90-minute) – Sydney, 2013

Events I’ve hosted

  • RSA – ‘Designing out Crime’, UTS, November 2016
  • RSA – ‘Aboriginal Engineering’, HASSELL, May 2017
  • RSA – ‘Diversity at Work’, Fjord Kitchen, August 2017
  • This is HCD Podcast – ‘How service design and product management co-exist’ 2017, with Adrienne Tan, Brainmates
  • This is HCD Podcast – ‘Disposable design and our obsession with the redesign’ with Barbard Spanton, Shopify Canada
  • This is HCD Podcast – ‘What does effective human-centered design leadership look like?’ with Megan Dell, 99 Designs
  • This is HCD Podcast – ‘Dealing with career challenges, and increasing your influence in an organisation’ with Anthony Quinn, Dynamic 4
  • This is HCD Podcast – ‘Business Design – The unsung hero of service design ‘ with Tarra Van Ammerongen, Fjord
  • This is HCD Podcast – ‘Scaling HCD in large organisations’ with Jenni Philippe, GM of Service Design, Telstra
  • This is HCD Podcast – ‘Diversity at Work’ with Michelle Starr, Emma Jones, Anthony Quinn
  • This is HCD Podcast – ‘Managing stakeholder engagement’ with Cyril Secourgeon, HCD Principal at Westpac
  • This is HCD Podcast – ‘The Intersect of UX and Service Design’ with Eduardo Kranz, Design Director at Fjord Canberra