Effective user interface design/interaction design is the anticipating of user needs at the interface level.

Before user interface design can commence, it is highly recommended that at least one (or more) rounds of user research needs to be conducted to provide the designer with enough information to design potential solutions that solve the problem effectively. Makes sense right?

It is so important to get the user interface correct, as quite typically, it’s where all the hard work that has gone before, comes to life. We ensure that the interface meets the needs of your user by completing several rounds of robust usability testing workshops to allow us to deliver interface solutions that meet both the needs of the business and the end user.

We think strategically when designing products from inception, and prefer to use Lean methods for driving user interface designs. We do this by building component libraries, and by defining patterns for reuse. By working in this manner allows us to produce high-quality prototype designs at speed. I love to prototype in teams, and usually with a front-end developer as part of the process.