Usability tests are the best way to learn exactly what people are thinking when, and how they engage with your system, product or application. 

If you have never tested your product or application, you probably have little idea how it is performing for your users. Usability testing is an excellent way to find out quickly as it also helps to identify quick win improvements.

How I approach usability testing with your organisation/team

  • Define what type of testing you require and how the testing should take place. We then define where you want to test and to what timeframe.
  • Develop a screen in accordance with your requirements
  • Recruit participants to meet the brief
  • Develop a test screener to meet your objectives
  • We will manage the testing process completely (including incentives for the participants if needed)
  • Offer remote testing capabilities for both teams and participants

I encourage members of your team to join the sessions and observe the learnings as they present themselves.

Once testing is complete, I collect and compile the results, and then analyses them to produce the findings. 

Usability testing outputs

Once the usability tests are completed, I will then provide a full report that is then presented back to your team during a half-day results analysis meeting.