In May, I wrote an article about working for free, that seemed to resonate quite well with a lot of people.

A few days after, I had a call from Brian & Trevor at Talentpool Recruitment who wanted to speak to me in more detail about the structure of how this might work for them. (To be honest, I hadn’t really gone into the granular level of detail on how it might work in terms of payment and impact on tax etc.).

I’m delighted to say that today, work commences on their new site! I will document the entire re-design process on my blog but wanted to keep people posted on what has been happening.

They have just made a $2,000 donate to the The Kids Cancer Project. We’ll make further donations to further charities over the duration of the project.

A great article by Dave Malouf on intention Vs thoughtfulness in design. I really enjoyed the way he summed it up:

Intentional is buying an anniversary present for your wife.
Better is buying her something that you think she would like.
Thoughtful is buying her that thing she mentioned 6 months ago, sizing it perfectly (if relevant) and presenting it in a romantic context that will be remembered for years to come.

Enjoy this short, but great article.

Source: Intention vs. Thoughtfulness … or … Design vs. Good Design