An oldie but a goodie from the wonderful website. Why they moved away from Gill-sans, Georgia and Helvetica, and started to use the New Transport font.

On Tuesday evening we made another release of changes to GOV.UK. One of the biggest areas of discussion centered around the typography changes. Ben Terrett, Head of Design, explains the choices which


Source: A few notes on typography | Government Digital Service has fast become one of the best destinations to find rich content related to best practice on user research.

Here’s a great article by 

p.s if you aren’t familiar with Intercom and work in product management, you should check them out. I consider them to be one of the most exciting companies around at the moment.

Feedback from customers is a vital input for product development. But if you want to get the most out of product research, you’ve got to ask the right questions.

Source: The Right Questions Get Actionable Answers – Inside Intercom