A lot of designers and creatives seem to also gravitate towards playing music. Or maybe it’s a lot of musicians tend to gravitate towards design?

I’m not entirely too sure why this is, but the process of creating music is very much like the process used in design. Concept, test, re-iterate. I consider creating music to be almost like “audio design”, but at it’s heart, creating music is all about great story telling.

My Music

I’ve been writing and performing music (vocals & guitar) for about 12-years, and played in bands through my school and college years in Ireland. I can honestly say that music has given me some of the best experiences of my life, and opened many doors and opportunities. I’ve made some life-long friends, and managed to share the stage with some amazing people along the way (Fun Loving Criminals, Roisin Murphy, The Blizzards, Declan O’Rourke, The Coronas, Mundy).

The type of music I create (or so I am told), is pop-rock or singer-songwriter.

Only have time to listen to one track? Listen to “Hide & Seek” from Hide & Seek EP or “Foolproof” from Estuary. They are two tracks that I am most proud of.

All tracks are on Spotify & Google Play as well as available for purchase (how novel!) from Amazon, iTunes and CDBaby

Estuary – Released 2011

Recorded in Dublin & Sydney (Linear Studios)

Album review 10/12 – 2uiBestow Music Review

Hide & Seek – Released 2008

Recorded in Los Angeles, at Rafa Sardinas ‘After Hours’ Studio

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