Educational startup

Project 1
  • Conducted 12 user feedback sessions with prospective customers
  • Synthesised session data and created interactive report for client
  • Presented findings to wider development teams
  • Outlined opportunities and helped prioritise issues
Project 2
  • Based on findings in Project 1, redesigned the onboarding process to cater for dual personas
  • Conducted early stage workshop with development teams
  • Completed refined IX process map



AO/AE Live is a cloud based software that integrates with their existing desktop software. Accountants can interface with their clients with ease and total efficiency through this application, and see holistically their clients outstanding tasks. Also within the application is access to their Contact list, as well as Tax, that allows accountants visibility into their clients tax status.

My Role

UX Lead, UI Lead, Prototyping, UX Research, Stake-holder management


UI Design was completed by Peter O’Dwyer, and Roy Arellano. UI Development by Joshua Kelly. Iconography by Jon Hicks of Hicks Design